Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, registration is free. Your can click ‘Signup’ link and fill all required information and create account. Then you will receive an email requiring confirmation. Once you registered your can access Sample Exams with detailed solutions.

If you are interested to have a full access of the required exams, you need to select a minimum of four exams and pay the stated amount through any payment method then you will be activated for the selected exam sets.

Yes, students subscribing for more than 7 exams modules they will they will gate one exam module for free.

The reason may be there are certain required fields that needs to be filled out. Check all the required fields that are marked with red exclamation and fill them out.

For students less than 18 years old, we will contact their parents for their consent for payment related matters.

Once subscribed, you will be accessing for the six months. However, if you need to extend the subscription for an extra six months, you will get 20% discounts.

The current grade 12 exams are derived from grade 9 through grade 12 subjects. Therefore, the previous grade 10 exams cover grade 9 and grade 10 lessons. In addition, the previous grade 12 exams were covering grade 11 and grade 12 lessons. is Internet based application that can be accessed through laptops, tablets and mobile apps. Furthermore, the sequence of exams is randomly shuffled including the choices that provides complete platform to get prepared for exams without being oriented with the ordering of the questions and alternative choices. It gives also a chance of updating the content without the students requiring additional registration of payment.